The Non-McDaniel Press Conference

It was billed last Wednesday afternoon as a Chris McDaniel press conference. McDaniel was not there, although I expect most people initially expected he would attend and make remarks. Instead, the press conference participants were a McDaniel sidekick, state Sen. Michael Watson of Pascagoula, and the McDaniel campaign’s lead lawyer, Mitch Tyner of Jackson.

A Jackson television station carried the press conference live, which was held in front of Tyner’s law office on I-55 North in Jackson. Besides the usual accusations of election fraud, Watson went to the microphone first and spoke for about 15 minutes. It sounded much like a campaign speech, mostly one for Watson, not McDaniel. Tyner then took over with his law firm’s name easy to read on the front door. While Watson’s remarks sounded like a campaign speech, my impression was that a primary goal of Tyner was free legal advertising on TV. Move over Morgan and Morgan.

As he did a few times, if Tyner had told one more reporter, “That’s a great question,” I think I would have thrown up.

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