The Earth is Flat According to Chris McDaniel

McDaniel disputes Judge McGehee’s ruling; claims instead that the world is flat

As I’m sure most everyone is aware, on Friday afternoon Judge Hollis McGehee dismissed Chris McDaniel’s election challenge lawsuit. Most of us have little doubt that McDaniel will now file an appeal with the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Even more amazing is McDaniel’s statement on his Facebook page (via After noting his disappointment with McGehee’s decision, McDaniel added, “Nevertheless, I trust that God has a plan. We may not always understand, but all will be revealed in time. Although we do not yet have justice, my prayer is that God’s will be done. I likewise pray for all involved (including those who wronged us).”

The above comments are beyond incredible. McDaniel’s efforts involve justice??? Bringing up God’s name makes it worse than incredible.

Then McDaniel added his closing comments: “Standing and fighting for you and our principles has been the honor of my life. I am grateful for your support and proud to call you my friends.”

If McDaniel’s actions since his runoff election loss to Sen. Cochran represent the “honor of my life,” his life has been pretty pathetic.

McDaniel said next Tuesday, the day after the Labor Day holiday, that he will announce whether he will appeal to the Mississippi Supreme Court. Is there any real doubt that he will appeal? There is certainly no way I am qualified to judge the legal case of McDaniel, but I would wager that he will lose that appeal as well. But remember, the Mississippi Supreme Court decision may not be the end of the road. In an earlier press conference McDaniel claimed that his First Amendment rights were violated. That sets the basis, no matter how flimsy, that McDaniel could appeal to the federal court system.

Several people have asked me this question: How can McDaniel receive enough contributions to fund his legal challenge? I would guess the dollars are running short. However, that may not deter his lead counsel, Mitch Tyner, from continuing the legal challenge. While some legal professionals may frown on it, Tyner has never received so much free legal advertising. On the other hand, would you want to have Tyner handle your important legal matters?

As I noted in a previous post, the demand for mental health professionals in Jones County must be at an all time high. However, what if McDaniel is right and the earth is flat?

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