Is “Coach” Hosemann the Reason Bo Wallace Threw Interception Against LSU?

After Gov. Phil Bryant made a strong run for the Chuck Schumer Award initially won by Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, Hosemann may be making another push to retain the award. For three straight weeks Hosemann has been on the sidelines for big games: Mississippi State-Auburn, Ole Miss-Tennessee, and last Saturday night in Baton Rouge for Ole Miss-LSU. There may be more to the story than competition for the Chuck Schumer Award and more self-serving photo ops.

As everyone knows, the Rebels lost a heartbreaking 10-7 game to the Tigers on Saturday. It was reported in Sunday’s Clarion-Ledger that with a chance for a field goal to tie the game and send it into overtime, Coach Hugh Freeze gave quarterback Bo Wallace a couple of options in the final seconds. Wallace was instructed to throw a pass in the flats so the Rebels’ field goal kicker could get closer and kick from the left hash mark where Freeze felt the kicker was more comfortable than from the right hash mark. If that pass and getting out of bounds to stop the clock was not an option, Wallace was told to throw the ball out of bounds. Despite those instructions that Freeze felt were made clear, Wallace threw toward the LSU end zone and his pass was intercepted. End of game.

But there could be another explanation. With the Secretary of State on the sideline of a big SEC game for the third consecutive week, perhaps “Coach” Hosemann thought he was football savvy enough and urged Wallace to throw to the end zone and go for the win.

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