All Indications Point to Trump Easily Winning Mississippi on Tuesday

National pundits are right. It is a two-man contest.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are in Mississippi on Monday as they have been previously. John Kasich was in Jackson last week. Marco Rubio was scheduled to be in Rankin County on Sunday but that visit was cancelled so Rubio could go home to focus on Florida. It won’t do Rubio any good. The smaller number of states voting this past Saturday perhaps had more influence on the race for the Republican nomination than the results of Super Tuesday on March 1. In The Daily 202 political report on Sunday morning, writer James Hohmann had the following headline: “Super Saturday results show Rubio collapsing, Trump stoppable and Cruz gaining momentum.” Hohmann writes, “The biggest story line out of last night, though, is calamity for Marco Rubio. It was his worst showing since the New Hampshire primary – and arguably more damaging. The floor appears to be falling out from underneath the Florida senator: Not only is his win-loss record now 1-18, but he took just 17 percent in Kansas despite canceling events elsewhere to campaign in the state and receiving endorsements from Gov. Sam Brownback, Sen. Pat Roberts and Bob Dole. He got 16 percent in Kentucky, 11 percent in Louisiana (with ex-Gov. Bobby Jindal’s support) and just 8 percent in Maine—where he finished fourth behind John Kasich.”  I agree. Sunday morning I also heard one commentator say that he liked Rubio and named a number of very number of positive things about Rubio as a candidate. He then added that for some reason Republican voters just don’t like Rubio. That is also very true. Ohio Gov. John Kasich is another matter. Despite a very impressive list of endorsements from prominent and respected Mississippi Republicans, led by well-liked Congressman Gregg Harper, Kasich is not going anywhere. Why can’t Kasich do the classy thing and end his campaign like Jeb Bush did when he finished fourth in South Carolina? As someone commented Sunday to me, Kasich is “delusional.” Like most politicians Kasich has a big ego, but from my almost two decades in Washington, D.C., during the time when Kasich was a member of the U.S. House, I have always viewed Kasich as someone who not only thinks he is smarter than anyone else, he also thinks everyone else except him is stupid. Trump should thank Kasich every day for staying in the race. Kasich should have called it quits like 13 others who were in the original GOP field. Like Rubio in Florida, Kasich is

putting all his cards on winning his home state of Ohio. So what if he does? He’s running poor in other places and in some states is not even reaching double digits. Note conservative Louisiana on Saturday where Kasich received only 6.4 percent of the vote. The same is true in Florida for Rubio. At this time I think Trump will win Florida but if Rubio makes a comeback and wins his home state, so what? Where else has he won?

Trump could be a national disaster for Republicans

My feeling about Trump were pretty well summed up by some comments in a recent Wall Street Journal editorial: “…yet he (Trump) is also the candidate most disliked by GOP voters and according to polls the least likely to win in November.” Translate that to a win for Hillary Clinton, Clinton appointing a liberal judge to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Scalia, major Republican losses in the Senate and Democrat gains in the House. The list why conservative Republicans and all Americans should oppose the vulgar, buffoon Trump is very long. So what should Mississippians do on Tuesday and what should Republicans do in the other upcoming primary states?

On Tuesday I’ll hold my nose and vote for …….

I was a fan of Ted Cruz when he was a longshot candidate against the incumbent lieutenant governor in the Texas primary for the GOP nomination to the U.S. Senate. During that race conservative National Review did an excellent cover story on Cruz. For a number of valid reasons, I have not been a fan of Cruz since he got elected to the Senate. However, on Tuesday I will hold my nose and vote for Cruz. Since I share the feelings that the contest for the GOP nomination is now a two-man race, Cruz is a Republican who is a solid conservative. A CNN poll also indicates he would at least have a shot at beating Clinton.

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