No Madonna, your vulgar, tasteless speech was not “taken wildly out of context”

In defending her profane rant at the women’s march the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, Madonna said her words were “taken wildly out of context.” If you think her speech to hundreds of thousands of women was taken out of context, I suggest you watch the video of her vulgar remarks. At least three times she yells “F… you in her speech. Despite an Associated Press report that labeled her speech, among other things, as “fiery,”  there is nothing taken out of context when the singer-actress screams “F… you”. The really, really sad part is the three times when Madonna yell “F… you”, the assembled thousands attending the women’s march cheered Madonna. I repeat. That is pretty sad.

A Mississippi Senate staff member and the State Capitol used for political fundraiser

Sen. Bob Dearing, a Natchez Democrat, was a longtime and respected senator until he was defeated by Republican Melanie Sojourner in 2011. Sojourner’s tenure in the legislature was marked by controversy, and she was also Chris McDaniel’s campaign manager during his nasty GOP primary campaign against U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran. Four years after his defeat, Dearing took on Sojourner again and won a very narrow victory. Legal battles over

the election outcome took place. Dearing is apparently having a fundraiser to address the legal bills he incurred following the campaign. An invitation has gone out for a fundraiser on Feb. 8 to “reduce outstanding legal expenses” of Dearing. However, there’s a serious ethical lapse with the printed invite. To RSVP for the event, the invite said to respond to, an employee of the state senate. The other way listed to RSVP was to call 601-359-3244, a number at the Capitol. Use of state employees or official legislative resources is a serious lapse of ethics. If a member of Congress did anything similar, he would promptly be ordered to personally reimburse the U.S. House or U.S. Senate for using official resources for campaign purposes. State legislators frequently abuse their campaign accounts and the printed invitation is an equally serious ethical violation.

SNL writer should have been fired, not suspended

While it certainly did not reach the profane level of Madonna’s language at the women’s march, the tweet by Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich was almost as disgusting. The tweet was aimed at Donald Trump’s 10-year old son, Barron. Whatever people think of Donald Trump, is there any limit to what people will write or say about his family, primarily his young son? NBC refused comment about the issue and the writer was suspended “indefinitely”. Rich should have been fired.

“War on media” or media’s war on Trump?

Saw an interesting AP story after the inauguration. It said President Trump is continuing his “running war” on the media. I suspect for the next four years, the media will be waging an equal war on Donald Trump.

Sen. Sessions had nothing to do with “White Only” restroom signs

During Senate hearings on the confirmation of attorney general designate Sen. Jeff Sessions, some members of the Congressional Black Caucus mentioned “White Only” restroom signs or “For Whites Only” drinking fountains that were part of the southern landscape more than 50 years ago. One black member of Congress even talked about an earlier time when men and women were sold into slavery. Sessions didn’t have a darn thing to do with “White Only” signs or slavery.

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