After the millennials, is the wienie generation next?

Yes, the earth is still flat for college administrators and some students

By now, most of us have heard about how the University of California – Berkley spent $600,000 for security when conservative speaker Ben Shapiro spoke to students at the school. Heck, for $600,000 I would think Cal could have hired the 101st Airborne to provide security for Shapiro. Shapiro is a conservative commentator, columnist, author,  radio talk show host and lawyer. He is no right wing crazy or neo-Nazi. He graduated from high school at age 16, graduated from UCLA summa cum laude and was a Phi Beta Kappa member. At age 20 he graduated with honors from Harvard Law School. If it weren’t bad enough for Cal to spend $600,000 on security for Shapiro’s appearance, the officials at Cal provided counselors for students who might be upset about him making a speech on campus. The “wienie generation” is on the heels of the millennials.

After the state flag, what’s next?

As I’ve written previously, if and when our state flag is changed, what’s next? The list is long. Recently the Jackson Public School District decided to consider changing the names of three schools in the city. The schools are named after Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and James Z. George. George was a colonel in the Confederate States Army and later served as a U.S. Senator from Mississippi until his death. Yes, the JPS system is the second largest in the state and is over 95 percent black. There is a very real possibility that the school district could be taken over by the state because of the many failings of Jackson schools. Let’s face it. Jackson Public Schools are rotten. I have often wondered how many

of the white liberals in Jackson send their children to private schools instead of the city’s public schools. Probably not any more than during the 18 years I lived in Washington, D.C. D.C. had terrible public schools and a lot more white liberals lived in the city than they do in a place like Jackson. Every one that I knew sent their children to the very expensive private schools if they lived in the district. The minority children in Jackson deserve more. It is critical that the state capital and state’s largest city provide its children a quality education that will give them more opportunities as adults. Changing the names of three schools is not a step in that direction.

Has the suicide watch been extended from Louisiana to Mississippi?

A couple of weeks ago, the New Orleans Saints were soundly beaten on the same weekend Mississippi State crushed the LSU Tigers. I wondered if the very rabid Saints and LSU football fans were on suicide watch after the two teams were soundly defeated. A friend replied that at least Louisiana fans, thanks to New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, could not hang themselves from Confederate statues in the city because they had been taken down by Landrieu. Last weekend the Georgia Bulldogs defeated Mississippi State as        bad, probably worse, as the MSU Bulldogs had defeated LSU the week before. Has the football suicide watch been extended to MSU and Starkville? Since the state flag with the Confederate emblem is not flying on the MSU campus, at least that missing flagpole is not an option for distressed Bulldog fans.

Is Hillary Clinton the O.J. Simpson of politics?

I was listening to the radio a few days ago when a conservative and a liberal were discussing Hillary Clinton’s new book about the 2016 election and why she lost. I laughed out loud when the conservative suggested that Hillary is the O.J. Simpson of politics. O. J. still claims to be looking for the person who killed his wife and Hillary is looking for the person who is responsible for her losing the presidential race.

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