Ole Miss defeat by Auburn was not as close as the final score (44-23) indicated

Mississippi State avoids loss to “Open Date”

Not halfway through the 2017 football season, Ole Miss and Mississippi State are at a crossroads. There’s been nothing to brag about for either school. Two weeks ago, Alabama crushed Ole Miss 66-3. Last week the Rebels lost 44-23 to Auburn and the game was not as close as the final score indicated. Auburn led 35-3 at halftime and took its foot off the gas in the second half and played a lot of reserves. The last two games have been even more crushing for State. After demolishing non-conference foes Charleston Southern and Louisiana Tech by a combined 106-21, Bulldog fans really got pumped up when MSU whipped LSU 37-7. The balloon burst the next week when Georgia crushed State 31-3 and that game was followed by a thorough whipping by Auburn, 49-10. Last weekend at least State did not lose to “Open Date”. The Rebs and Bulldogs can’t slip up this week. Ole Miss has the tougher foe and is favored by three over Vanderbilt. The odds have State as a three touchdown favorite over BYU. That’s a larger margin of error for MSU, but a loss to the Cougers would certainly be a bigger blow to State than if Ole Miss does not beat Vanderbilt.

Is the mighty SEC three Snow Whites and eleven dwarfs?

Is the mighty SEC not as mighty as usual? I would agree it isn’t. Sure, Alabama is Alabama and apparently Georgia and Auburn are very good football teams. Those three are all ranked in the AP’s top ten. Alabama and Georgia are top 10 in the Coach’s Poll, and Auburn is just out at number 11. Nowhere else in the top 25 is a single SEC team ranked. It’s a hard pill for SEC fans to swallow, but there is no doubt the SEC is down overall this season.

ESPN should have fired Jemele Hill instead of suspending her for two weeks

When I first saw the headline that ESPN anchor Jemele Hill had been suspended for two weeks, my first thought was why it took ESPN so long to suspend her after, on social

media, she called President Trump a “white supremacist.” No, the suspension was for another Hill “tweet” about Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. I have never been a big fan of Jerry Jones, but I had new respect for him when he said any Cowboy player who disrespects the American flag would not play for his team. The obnoxious Hill took to social media again and said fans should boycott the team’s advertisers and not buy the team’s merchandise. Hill should have been fired, not suspended, for her tweets about Trump and Jerry Jones. It should also be noted since Hill and her co-host took over the 6 p.m. time slot on ESPN, the ratings for the slot are 17 percent lower than under the previous host. ESPN says SC6 is a show about sports and “pop culture.” Who wants to watch a show about “pop culture” on a sports network? I know I must be right on this issue because Rev. Al Sharpton strongly supports Hill and says she should not have been suspended by the Disney owned network.

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