Ronnie Shows said, “Burns (Strider) is not really built to be a lover….”; are you kidding me?

NY Times reports Hillary Clinton refused to fire Mississippian accused of sexual harassment

The national sexual harassment epidemic continues. Allegations have come out on an almost daily basis involving prominent Hollywood personalities, other entertainers, well known politicians, and leading media figures. One of the latest is liberal Democrat Burns Strider of Mississippi. Strider once served as chief of staff to former congressman Ronnie Shows. On January 26, The New York Times broke the story that during Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, Strider was accused of repeatedly sexually harassing a young staff member. Despite Clinton’s campaign manager wanting to fire Strider, Clinton refused. Eight years later, Strider was hired to work for a group supporting Clinton’s 2016 campaign. After what the NYT termed “workplace issues”, including allegations Strider again sexually harassed a young female staff member, the organization, unlike Clinton, fired Strider. You’ve got to give the liberal NYT credit. When it comes to sexual harassment, rightfully so, the newspaper does not give any slack to Democrats as well as Republicans. Now, the story involving Strider has received a lot of play by the national press, not because it’s Strider, but because the story involved Clinton, an enabler of her own husband Bill’s own sexual escapades. It should also be noted minutes before President Trump’s recent State of the Union address, Clinton issued a lengthy statement

saying, among other things, if she had to do it all over again, she would have terminated Strider. Timing is almost everything in news making. Almost all national reports noted as much as she could, Hillary was trying minimize her second statement when almost all the national media would be absorbed only with Trump’s State of the Union address. I worked for Rep. Gene Taylor when Ronnie Shows arrived in Congress, along with Strider. Strider was certainly personable and easy to work with on common issues of the Mississippi delegation. Then I learned Strider had stabbed Shows’ previous chief of staff in the back. Strider was obviously someone I would describe as a person on the make. Being on the make and being very ambitious in Washington, D.C. is certainly widespread and nothing new. In time, I would come to regard Strider as sort of a “sneaky” individual. One of my most vivid memories of Shows, Strider’s boss, was a long conversation I had with Shows about Taylor’s votes to impeach President Bill Clinton. Five House Democrats voted for three of the four impeachment articles against Clinton. Of the five members, Taylor voted for all four articles. Shows argued with me that Taylor was wrong to vote for impeachment. It was easy for Shows to say because he didn’t enter Congress until after the impeachment votes the previous October. In Mississippi where Clinton was not popular, I told Shows his political career would have been in jeopardy if he had opposed impeachment. Taylor’s votes were not only correct from a political aspect, they were right on the merits of the articles of impeachment. Shows’ congressional career ended after just two terms. After the 2000 Census, his next re-election was against another incumbent, Republican Chip Pickering, when Mississippi lost a seat in the U.S House. With 60 percent of the vote, Pickering thumped Shows. Strider went on to bigger things, working for Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

Ronnie Shows “lover” comments about Burns Strider – laugh or count them as pathetic?

After the sexual harassment incidents were recently reported involving Strider, someone sent me the comments Shows made to The Clarion-Ledger when Shows said his former chief of staff “is not really built to be a lover.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or to wonder what a pathetic comment Shows had made about his former chief of staff. I can’t really say Shows threw Strider under the bus. Strider had already been run over by the bus. Now, both Mississippi liberal Democrats, Strider and Shows, are relegated to the heap of political has-beens. 

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