Thousands on the Brooklyn Bridge; 300 at Mississippi’s Governor’s Mansion

Undocumented is illegal

A few weeks ago I visited one of my sons and his wife who live and work in New York City. On Saturday, June 30, we crossed the East River into Brooklyn to visit a museum and have lunch. We witnessed what various New York media described as thousands of protestors on the famous Brooklyn Bridge. I then looked at the Jackson Clarion.Ledger online edition to read the headline saying “hundreds” of protesters rallied outside of the Governor’s Mansion. The leftist American Civil Liberties Union, one of the organizers of the Mississippi rally, estimated the crowd at 300. I’m sure the ACLU’s crowd estimate would not be on the low side. By contrast, one Jackson TV estimated the crowd at “over 100.” Then I read the Jackson newspaper’s story by Anthony Mcdougle. The writer’s story almost sounded as if it was written by an ACLU member. Mentioned were the “cries of undocumented immigrant children.” The correct word is not undocumented. It is illegal. Actually, I doubt anyone on the left or right took joy in the separation of children from their families. Not mentioned was that before the protests on the Brooklyn Bridge and outside the Governor’s Mansion, President Trump had already issued an executive order to not separate children from their families. An ACLU official said that what was happening on our border with Mexico was “reminiscent to what happened to black people long ago.” What a bogus comparison.

Several things should be noted. It is a U.S. policy that children are separated from their parents if the parents are sent to prison for murder, tax evasion, robbing a convenience store or for committing any other felony crimes for which the parents are sent to prison. Crossing the border illegally, by law, is a criminal offense. And in all the whining we are

hearing about the separation of children from their families, what are we hearing about the responsibility of the parents who are putting their children in this position? It should also be noted Mexico hands down two-year prison sentences for illegal entry. Many Democrats in Congress have now introduced legislation to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If you open the floodgates along the U.S. border with Mexico, you will get a flood. Initially, the Republican leadership was going to allow a vote on abolishing ICE. Sadly, because of some GOP House moderates, the leadership backed off that vote and the vote will now be one to show support for ICE. About the same time I witnessed the thousands of protesters marching across the Brooklyn Bridge, I heard a Democrat political leader say, “We are all immigrants.” Again, the failure to distinguish between legal and illegal. When my great-great grandfather came to the U.S. from Germany, he did it the legal way. When my late brother’s wife came to the U.S. from Mexico, she it legally and became a U.S. citizen. Yes, for some people the earth is still flat.

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