Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh – Amen

This and that thoughts about the hearings and confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh

One of the advantages of being retired and visiting family in North Carolina is I was able to watch on television most of the Senate Judiciary Committees hearings on Judge Brett Kavanaugh and then watch the final Senate vote for confirmation. Various thoughts on the hearings and confirmation: Would-be presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey asked Judge Kavanaugh since he had admitted he drank on weekends, did Kavanaugh also drink on weekdays? The question easily ranked among the dumbest asked during the hearings, but there were many others. As soon as Booker cast his no vote, he promptly headed to Iowa, the presidential caucuses that will officially open the 2020 presidential campaign. In the past, I have watched Booker throw near hysterical outbursts during committee hearings. President Cory Booker?  And this clown called himself Spartacus. Now that is a real scary thought. ++++ And of course, we had the great indictment of Kavanaugh by what was written by classmates in his high school yearbook? How low have we gone in this nation? I soon intend to look at what my classmates wrote in my yearbook. I will do that soon and report back to my readers. ++++While watching the hearings, I turned to one of my sons and told him that Kavanaugh had one important advantage over the Democrats on the committee. The advantage is Kavanaugh is smarter than any of the Democrats who were questioning him. ++++ What about Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California? Is there anyone more pathetic than Feinstein? ++++ Is there a dumber member of the committee than Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii? ++++ Sen.

Dick Durbin of Illinois was a member of the House of Representatives when I  worked on Capital Hill. Durbin was one of the most aggressive Democrats in questioning Kavanaugh and attacking the Supreme Court nominee. When he served in the House, Durbin had a well-earned reputation, even among many Democrats, of being an horse’s backside. ++++ I have not always been a fan of Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. However, during the hearing when Graham strongly attacked committee Democrats and other Kavanaugh opponents, he was right on target. ++++ Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski was the only Senate Republican to vote against the confirmaton Judge Kavanaugh. I assume Murkowski plans to retire when she is up for re-election in 2022. My personal preference is that she should retire before the end of her current term. Actually, although Murkowski has won three full terms to the Senate since she was first appointed by her father who was governor, she has never won a majority in her three general elections.

The very anti-Kavanaugh Fourth Estate

William McGurn, Wall Street Journal columnist, wrote in regards to Judge Kavanaugh, the mainstream press had “abandoned even the pretense of objectivity.” On Sept. 28 both USA TODAY and The Wall Street Journal had side by side pictures of Professor Ford, Kavanaugh’s accuser and Kavanaugh. USA TODAY, a Gannett publication like The Clarion-Ledger and Hattiesburg American, had the same picture of Ford as The WSJ. USA TODAY’S picture of Kavanaugh was that of an angry man while The WSJ picture of Kavanaugh was a normal looking shot of the man. The contrast in front page pictures could not have been more different. As McGurn wrote, the press had “abandoned even the pretense of objectivity.” 

From the start of the confirmation circus, I agreed with the position taken by National Review magazine. Judge Kavanaugh should not be judged for anything except his post-college record, his public career and his record as a federal judge. We all did stupid things in high school and college. Hell, I have done a lot of stupid things since I graduated from college. Brett Kavanaugh is a very decent man who Democrats and their allies in the press did everything to destroy. Amen to Brett Kavanaugh to being confirmed to the Supreme Court but what a very sad time in the history of our nation.

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