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The news report you won’t see in MississippiTODAY

Did founder of MississippiTODAY suppress story about disgraced and once powerful Hollywood sexual predator Harvey Weinstein?

In Mississippi, Andy Lack is not exactly a household name. Nationally, as the head of NBC News and MSNBC, he is a giant in the media world. More relevant to Mississippi, Lack is the founder of MississippiTODAY. It would be safe to say the digital news organization would not even exist without Lack and his wealth. Besides MSTODAY, Lack has a family history in Mississippi. Although he was born in New York City, Lack’s great-grandfather was mayor of Greenville. But Lack’s tenure as chairman of NBC News may be on shaky ground. Numerous national media outlets are reporting Lack’s head may be on the chopping block. Lack took some heat with the scandals involving NBC stars Matt Lauer and Brian Williams. It was followed by serious allegations against another NBC star, Tom Brokaw. However, the most serious strikes against Lack may involve disgraced sex criminal Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein, a movie producer and once described as a pal of Lack, was once the most powerful man in Hollywood. Now Weinstein is now described as one of the nation’s most notable individuals guilty of sexual misconduct and as a serial sexual predator. Even worse, Lack has been accused by several news organizations of suppressing the stories about Weinstein. NBC reportedly suppressed the Weinstein story  before it broke in the The New York Times and New Yorker magazine. TV host Tucker Carlson said Lack clearly lied to the network’s viewers and actively covered up his lies. MississippiTODAY has ignored this major news story despite the fact Andy Lack is the godfather of this news organization.

MississippiTODAY lists former Republican governor as major contributor – On its home page, MississippiTODAY lists anyone who has contributed $1,000 or more. Among those listed are Haley Barbour and his wife Marsha. Besides the digital news organization’s bogus claim that it is non-partisan, Barbour giving financial support to MississippiTODAY is equivalent to the former Republican governor and GOP national chairman giving financial support to the Democratic National Committee.