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“Clarion-Ledger Seems Obsessed with Changing State Flag”

One of the best “Letters to the Editor” about the very controversial issue of changing the state flag appeared in Tuesday’s Clarion-Ledger and was written by Bill Harvey of Jackson. The letter was headlined, “Clarion-Ledger seems obsessed with changing the state flag.” I certainly agree with the writer on that point. While I know anyone in favor of changing the state flag or opposing the change will not be swayed by anything Harvey or I write, I would suggest you read Harvey’s letter. I very much agree with his comments. There is another point I would like to make. Because of the Clarion-Ledger’s constant advocacy in favor of a new state flag and the  newspaper’s endless drum-beating on this issue, I feel it has only increased the racial divide in our state.

Another liberal jumps on board with Hosemann’s election reforms

In my most recent commentary of March 9, I questioned if Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann’s election reform legislation should be supported by conservatives if it were endorsed by the very liberal American Civil Liberties Union and left-wing MSU professor Dr. Marty Wiseman. Alice Skelton quickly responded with the following on her Facebook page: “Maybe good policies are neither Republican or Democrat. Hosemann is proving to be a good public servant to ALL MISSISSIPPIANS. Signed a proud liberal Democrat.” It should be noted Ms. Skelton is a former executive director of the Mississippi Democrat Party. I met her in Washington, D.C. many years ago through a mutual friend of both of us. She is a very nice lady but also very liberal in her political views, as she noted in her

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Can Hosemann Be Right If the ACLU and Marty Wiseman Endorse His Election Reforms?

Dr. Marty Wiseman is a longtime political professor at Mississippi State and the former director of the John Stennis Institute of Government at MSU. Wiseman has also been a personal friend for many years. Wiseman is also an ultra-liberal Democrat. Last week Wiseman Tweeted the following: “Secretary Hosemann deserves a great deal of credit for engaging in a process leading to these meaningful election reforms. The legislature deserves credit for listening and acting. Now you can register on line and you can go to the courthouse and vote early. These are good things.”  The legislation proposed and supported by Secretary of State Hosemann was also endorsed by the left-wing American Civil Liberties Union. As one conservative said to me, when the ACLU and Marty Wiseman praise something it probably is time for Hosemann and Republican legislators to rethink their position.