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The Earth is Flat According to Chris McDaniel

McDaniel disputes Judge McGehee’s ruling; claims instead that the world is flat

As I’m sure most everyone is aware, on Friday afternoon Judge Hollis McGehee dismissed Chris McDaniel’s election challenge lawsuit. Most of us have little doubt that McDaniel will now file an appeal with the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Even more amazing is McDaniel’s statement on his Facebook page (via NMissCommentor.com). After noting his disappointment with McGehee’s decision, McDaniel added, “Nevertheless, I trust that God has a plan. We may not always understand, but all will be revealed in time. Although we do not yet have justice, my prayer is that God’s will be done. I likewise pray for all involved (including those who wronged us).”

The above comments are beyond incredible. McDaniel’s efforts involve justice??? Bringing up God’s name makes it worse than incredible.

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Please Chris, I Want My Vote to Count

When my wife woke up Friday morning I had to tell her the sad news. Chris McDaniel had filed his legal challenge for his primary defeat by Sen. Thad Cochran. That challenge includes wanting the court to exclude all the votes cast in Hinds County. Since my wife and I vote in Hinds County, I had to tell her our voting rights could go down the drain. Seriously, can sore loser McDaniel, his lead counsel Mitch Tyner, and other leaders in his campaign give us more bizarre headlines on a daily basis?

But after realizing that our votes could be tossed, my next concern was for Tyner. In McDaniel’s infamous binder containing alleged election fraud that was handed out at a press conference, Tyner was listed as an “irregular” voter.

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Trent Lott, Chris McDaniel Provide Comic Relief on a Monday

Trent is still Trent

It started off Monday morning when the Biloxi-Gulfport Sun Herald published comments from former Sen. Trent Lott that were first published in The Hill, a newspaper in D.C. covering Capitol Hill. The headline for the article said, “Lott: Miss. GOP could use shake-up.” Lott danced between tossing nice comments toward the tea party, while at the same time admitting he would be a target of the tea party if he was still a member of the Senate. (Lott supported Sen. Thad Cochran’s re-election.) During the interview Lott told The Hill that the bitter primary battle between Chris McDaniel and Cochran “may cause the need for some change in the party leadership” in the Mississippi GOP.

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The Non-McDaniel Press Conference

It was billed last Wednesday afternoon as a Chris McDaniel press conference. McDaniel was not there, although I expect most people initially expected he would attend and make remarks. Instead, the press conference participants were a McDaniel sidekick, state Sen. Michael Watson of Pascagoula, and the McDaniel campaign’s lead lawyer, Mitch Tyner of Jackson.

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Sore Loser – Mississippi Senate Primary, Chapter 36

[photo: Mitch Tyner]
Mitch Tyner, lawyer for the Chris McDaniel campaign, held a press conference Monday afternoon at the Hinds County Court House. Tyner again discussed a legal challenge by the McDaniel campaign based on what he called “ineligible voters” in the June 24 runoff between McDaniel and Sen. Cochran. The Jackson lawyer also charged that absentee ballots represented the greatest opportunity for voter fraud.

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