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Shameless is now shameless plus delusional plus clueless

Ocean Springs’ Walker makes grand and bizarre exit from prison

Many celebrities are known for making a grand entrance at various functions. Scott Walker of Ocean Springs has made what could be described as a grand exit from federal prison. Politician and businessman Scott Walker was recently released from federal prison after serving 18 months, was in a halfway house in Hattiesburg for a short time and was under house arrest for a month. He did not arrive home quietly. After graduating from Ole Miss, Walker worked for Sen. Trent Lott, did a stint in the White House when George W. Bush was president and later worked for Sen. Roger Wicker when he returned to Mississippi. Not short on political ambition, Walker ran for mayor of his hometown of Ocean Springs. He spend a huge amount of money on the campaign but was defeated by incumbent Democrat Connie Moran. He then eyed a race for the Mississippi Legislature, but his rapid fall began that led to federal prison. Walker got caught up in the scandal at the Mississippi Department of Resources where his father Billy served as director. Dr. Billy Walker is now serving five years in federal prison. Scott Walker’s business partner, former state legislator and D’Iberville city manager Michael Janus, was also sentenced to federal prison. After gaining his freedom, Walker did not waste any time posting pictures of himself, his wife Trinity and two children on Facebook. The pictures left the impression that Walker was celebrating a homecoming from some major public service or business success. The real kicker came shortly in a interview he gave to Sun Herald reporter Anita Lee.

Walker claims he was innocent, but he should read his own guilty plea agreement before Federal Judge Keith Starrett

He told the Sun Herald he never committed a crime. In his plea agreement signed on February 20, 2014, Walker admitted he was guilty of fraud and consipiracy. In the March interview with Anita Lee, Walker also blamed his imprisonment on former Gov. Haley

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Speaker Boehner Steps Down and Some Right-Wing Crazies are Happy

Some Republicans are GOP’s worst enemies; Trent Lott nails the loose cannons of the far right

Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott told a Wall Street Journal writer, “I was conservative before a lot of these cats were even born, so I’m not going to be lectured by them on what’s conservative” Amen. Republican Rep. Peter King also got it right. In a tweet, King said, “The resignation of John Boehner is a victory for the crazies.”

Kimberly Strassel, a conservative and excellent regular columnist for The WSJ made these comments in an article entitled “A Chance to End Republican Dysfunction”: Boehner’s view was “Republicans have better things to do than engage in repeated political showdowns that have no chance of success.” She writes that the anti-Boehner Republicans in the House will have to decide if they want progress “or if they are in it for the talk-radio hosannas.” Another conservative WSJ columnist, William A. Galston, asked, “Do they want to be a party of protest or a party of governance?” I have not always been a fan of Karl Rove, but I recommend that you read a recent column by Rove in The Wall Street Journal. In a column entitled, “Boehner’s Conservative Legacy”, Rove called Boehner a decent and honorable man who “achieved far more than his GOP critics with their shutdown strategy.” He lists numerous conservative accomplishments that took place while Boehner served as Speaker of the House. Rove also notes that the House Freedom Caucus, the group of tea party and other crazies, represent 15 percent of House Republicans but they also represent 36 percent of Republicans in the House that contributed zero to their party’s campaign committee to make sure the GOP keeps its majority in the House.

The earth is flat Republicans

Even after Boehner announced he is resigning at the end of October, it has not slowed down the Tea Party and right-wing extremist organizations like RedState. The crazies are now taking increased aim at Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. In an effort to raise money, one such group said McDonnell is even afraid of former Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada. RedState is not even satisfied that Boehner will leave at the end of October. The organization wants the House to proceed with a motion to “vacate the chair” so that Boehner would immediately be removed as speaker. Of course, all these groups have one thing in common. They made fund raising appeals to remove

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NASA’s Test-Tower to Nowhere Should be Named After Senator Roger Wicker

When the subject comes up about pork barrel spending and congressional earmarks, one of the favorite references is known as the “Bridge to Nowhere.” The $398 million project in Alaska was to build a bridge to an island that contained an airport and a grand total of 50 residents. Mississippi can now stand with Alaska. At NASA’s Stennis Space Center in Hancock County. we can proudly claim the rocket-testing tower to nowhere.

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The Pentagon, Not Politicians, Should Decide Base Closures

The national debt as of this post is $17.9 trillion and still climbing. Add the zeros needed to write out that entire number and if doesn’t make you sick, it should. On the other hand, some of this nation’s biggest deficit hawks and defense hawks are handcuffing the Pentagon as it makes recommendations to at least make a dent in defense spending. That includes Mississippi’s two Republican senators and the three conservative Republicans who are members of the U.S. House from our state.

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More Post-Runoff Quick Takes

Sims no longer Cochran campaign manager

On Thursday it was reported that Kirk Sims, Sen. Cochran’s campaign manager, was stepping aside as campaign manager and would stay with the campaign as an “adviser.” To most campaign insiders and close friends of Cochran, the news was very welcome. Sims was Gov. Phil Bryant’s chief of staff before he left to manage the Cochran campaign. Not quite so incidental is that Sims is also Sen. Roger Wicker’s son-in-law. Those close to Cochran say that when Sims first interviewed with Cochran for the campaign manager’s job, Cochran was not impressed. He was later named campaign manager evidently because of a big push by his father-in-law and Gov. Bryant.

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