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Will the real partisan hack stand up?

In a previous post on May 16, I stated my opinion that Sam Hall, former executive director of the Mississippi Democratic Party, now executive editor of the Jackson Clarion.Ledger, is still a partisan hack for Democrats. That opinion was based on a lot of things that I seen in the left-leaning newspaper. In this case my comments were based on a particular commentary of Hall in which he wrote that there was a “bankruptcy of leadership” among statewide officials and the Mississippi Legislature. In a Tweet, Hall responded, “Partisan hack calls me a partisan hack. Irony lost on him.” Maybe so, but there is a big difference between writing a blog of political commentary and being the executive editor of the state’s largest newspaper. Hall’s comments also confirmed something I have known for many years. Journalists talk about politicians being thin-skinned, but editors and columnists like to dish it out but don’t like it when they get it back in return.

Liberal campus Gestapo leads anti-free speech march

Jason Riley is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a columnist for The Wall Street Journal. In the May 4 WSJ, Riley wrote a column entitled, “I Was Disinvited on Campus.” His column is certainly worth reading. It should also be noted Riley is not only a conservative, he is a black conservative. In April, Riley was invited by a professor to speak at Virginia Tech this fall. Last week his invitation to speak was rescinded because the department head of the professor who invited Riley objected to the speaking invitation. Other VA Tech faculty also objected to Riley being allowed to speak. So much for another case of liberal tolerance, support for free speech, and open mindedness to other views. Riley’s entire column should be read, but I particularly found interesting his comments about a book written by two political scientists. The book is entitled, “Passing on the Right.” The research of the two professor shows that in the humanities and social sciences, about 18 percent of college professors identify themselves as Marxists. That is nearly double the percentage of professors that describe themselves as Republicans. Does this really surprise anybody? (Note: Because of widespread national coverage by print and broadcast media, Virginia Tech has backtracked and now re-invited Riley to speak on their campus.) 

Contributions and enrollment fall at the University of Missouri

Most people remember the turmoil at the University of Missouri when the inmates took over the asylum. Mob rule was the order of the day when students demanded the resignation, and got it, of the school’s president and chancellor. They were joined by 32 Mizzou football players who said they would not practice and would also boycott games until the president and chancellor stepped down. It is now worth noting that two Missouri dormitories have closed because of decreasing enrollment and contributions to the university have taken a nosedive. Should we be surprised?

Tea Party’s circular firing squad takes aim again

The Tea Party sends out frequent emails asking people to join that organization or make contributions. Currently, one of their hot button issues is to seek money to help them

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Dumb Suggestion For Trump’s VP

Most internet sports sites contain a lot of nonsense, but a comment on a site dealing with Mississippi State athletics may even exceed the usual dribble that can be found. On the site, SixPackSpeak.com, one reader noted “there are rumblings that an MSU alum is being vetted as Trump’s vice presidential candidate.” That MSU alum would be U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican. The writer of the post added, “Marsha Blackburn is fairly popular amongst the GOP establishment, and she has ovaries.” I could easily argue against the fairly popular assessment. He added, “Those are two things (GOP establishment and female) that Trump needs in a VP.” The source of the Blackburn for VP rumors are easy to guess – either Blackburn herself or Republican Congressman Steve Palazzo from South Mississippi. When John Boehner stepped down as Speaker of the House, you will recall the Republican Caucus voted overwhelmingly for Paul Ryan as Boehner’s successor. Blackburn received only one vote. That vote was cast by Rep. Palazzo. Blackburn is originally from Jones County and graduated from Mississippi State. After graduation from MSU, Blackburn moved to Tennessee and was elected to Congress in 2002. In the very unlikely event Trump would select Blackburn as his VP candidate, it would make Sarah Palin look like the greatest Republican VP nominee in history. I don’t think Trump will be elected, but if so, and his running mate is Blackburn, I can’t think of anything more frightening than Blackburn being just a heart beat away from being President of the United States.

Thanks to the Tea Party, Mary Landrieu’s Campaign is Still Alive

The re-election campaign of three-term U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana may be on life support but she’s still alive thanks to tea party candidate Rob Maness. Under Louisiana’s version of the open primary, called the “jungle primary,” there will now be a Dec. 6 runoff between Landrieu and Republican congressman Bill Cassidy. Except for Maness, there would be no runoff and in January the liberal Landrieu would be an ex-U.S. Senator and Cassidy would be the junior senator from Louisiana. There’s no doubt that Landrieu is an underdog in the runoff but she now still has a chance because of the Maness candidacy. When the votes were counted on Nov. 4 and it was clear that Landrieu is in trouble for the runoff, she quickly challenged Cassidy to six debates.

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Sarah Palin Should Just Go Away

Confession: I was snookered by Sarah Palin. She’s not the first politician to snooker me and won’t be the last.

When Sen. John McCain selected Palin as his vice presidential running mate in 2008, I was initially impressed. I heard her first TV speech after McCain selected her and I liked Palin. She was obviously the best looking VP nominee ever. I was at the 2008 Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul and listened to her acceptance speech. I was still impressed.

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